Mediation is the diplomatic intervention between parties for the purpose of settling or resolving differences by consent. A mediator does not decide the outcome, you do.

As a Certified North Carolina Superior Court Mediator since 2007, and a practicing attorney with over twenty years of wide ranging civil litigation experience, John Ong brings experience and dedication to the mediation process. As a mediator, he enjoys the challenge of quickly grasping the essential facts, issues, and needs of the parties while working with them to resolve their disputes in a professional, productive, and positive manner.

As a mediator, John does not represent either of the parties to a conflict, but assists all sides in resolving a controversy without resorting to the uncertainty of a courtroom.

Areas of Conflict Resolution:

  • Personal Injury Matters
  • Construction Defect Matters
  • Trucking and Transportation Matters
  • Medical Practice Matters such as Covenants Not to Compete, Partnership Dissolutions, and Contract Modification
  • Homeowners Association Disputes
  • Land Use Planning and Development
  • Land Conservation Easements Disputes

Mediation Resources:

You may contact John directly at or 704.940.3412

Certified by the North Carolina Dispute Resolution Commission to Conduct Superior Court Mediations.