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A Marathon for Legal Aid - Q&A with George Eppsteiner

Cranfill Sumner & Hartzog

Going the Distance for Legal Aid; A Q&A With George Eppsteiner

 October 25, 2012:

George Eppsteiner, an attorney in the Raleigh office of Cranfill Sumner & Hartzog (CSH), will be running in the 2012 Ridge to Bridge Marathon from Jones Ridge to Brown Mountain Beach, NC on Saturday, Oct. 27. George and his wife have participated in marathons in the past, but chose to use this race as an opportunity to raise awareness and support for Legal Aid of North Carolina (LANC) – Raleigh Office. George has collected donations for LANC for several months as he and his wife trained for the upcoming marathon. The Q&A with George below will allow you to find out more about his motivation, as well as the importance of Legal Aid and Pro Bono service.

Q: Tell us a little about Legal Aid.

A: Legal Aid provides legal representation to low income individuals and families who cannot afford an attorney in civil matters, whether on behalf of seniors, domestic violence victims, or veterans.  Since no individual is entitled to an attorney in a civil case, the services Legal Aid provides are incredibly important;  having an advocate in domestic violence injunction, divorce, or eviction cases is critical as these cases (and others that Legal Aid participates in) have very serious impacts on low income families.  Supporting terrific organizations like Legal Aid is especially important in this tough economic time, as funding and donations for non-profit organizations have been more limited. 

Q: Tell us a little about yourself and your experience running marathons, as well as why you chose to make this experience different by raising awareness & support for Legal Aid of NC – Raleigh Office.

A: This marathon will be my fourth and I have been fortunate to have my wife as my running partner for all four marathons.  I had never raised money on behalf of a non-profit in my prior races; however, I felt I needed to do something to support Legal Aid of North Carolina – Raleigh Office since legal non-profit organizations have been hit hard in terms of public and private support.  This is why I decided to run this marathon on behalf of Legal Aid of North Carolina – Raleigh Office. 

Q: This week (Oct. 21-27, 2012) is the American Bar Association’s (ABA) National Pro Bono Celebration week, can you tell us a little about what this means & why you feel it is important?

 A: ABA’s National Pro Bono week provides a spotlight for Pro Bono service, which is incredibly important for attorneys to engage in.  Pro Bono service allows attorneys to participate in very fulfilling opportunities that benefit individuals or organizations that the attorney may not work with on a regular basis.  I have participated in Pro Bono service on behalf of homeless individuals and have participated in election law Pro Bono opportunities that provide me with a sense of community and fulfillment that is hard to beat!

For more information on Legal Aid of NC visit: http://www.legalaidnc.org/

To find out more about the ABA’s National Pro Bono week visit: http://www.probono.net/celebrateprobono/