The Cranfill Sumner & Hartzog Family Law Practice Group is comprised of experienced litigators devoted to guiding a marriage to its difficult dissolution. Separation and divorce is a traumatic time for the entire family. The area of domestic law is complex; unless steps are properly taken, a spouse may lose rights necessary to secure financial stability in the future. Family Law consists of child custody, child support, post-separation support, alimony and equitable distribution. Our attorneys are equipped to handle complex equitable distribution cases involving closely held corporations, professional practices and family owned businesses, all of which require an understanding of business valuations, tax implications and income. We protect the rights of both supporting and dependent spouses in spousal support actions as well as the rights of mothers and fathers in child custody actions. We handle cases from the mediation process through the trial court litigation then ultimately through the appellate courts.

There are some circumstances which may require a domestic violence protective order. In these cases, our attorneys are prepared to prosecute the action on behalf of a victim or defend the spouse facing the loss of rights due to a protective order.

There are other circumstances in which an aggrieved spouse wishes to sue a third party for alienation of affections and/or criminal conversation. Our attorneys are accustomed to litigating in Superior Court by bringing these causes of action on behalf of the spouse or defending these actions on behalf of the third party.

Finally, there are times when a party wishes to protect his or her assets, either for the benefit of children from a previous marriage or some other purpose, by entering into a prenuptial agreement. Our attorneys understand what needs to be drafted to protect separate property and its future value.

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