Lisa Williams is a Nurse Paralegal who joined the Cranfill Sumner team in 2019. With over 30 years of neonatal, pediatric, cardiac, and intensive care experience as a Registered Nurse, Lisa brings both a unique clinical and a legal perspective to CSH Law cases. Throughout her career as a practicing nurse, she held multiple positions both at her patients’ bedsides and in leadership roles including working as a preceptor, ECMO specialist, charge nurse, care coordinator, manager, and director. She draws on these experiences as she supports our Medical Malpractice Practice Group including attorneys John Martin, Colleen Shea, and Deedee Gasch.  Her extensive hands-on involvement in direct patient care has sharpened her skills at identifying key issues in medico/legal matters.  Lisa is keenly aware that digging deep into the details of medical records often exposes critical information essential to the defense of the case.

Lisa became a nurse in 1987 and worked at the Children’s National Medical Center in Washington, D.C. throughout her career. She completed a Master’s Degree in Hospital Administration in 2010 as she transitioned into full-time leadership roles. She is published in medical journals and research textbooks on topics such as neonatal care and nursing research development as well as in an international training manual for ECMO and ELSO.

In addition to her work at the firm, Lisa enjoys living near the beach with her husband Greg where they enjoy bike riding, going to the beach, and visiting new restaurants and breweries in the area. She has two grown daughters: Allison, who lives in Washington, D.C., and Amanda, who lives nearby in Wilmington with Lisa’s granddaughter Peyton. Lisa volunteers at Peyton’s school and supports the local charity Nourish NC, which was a favorite of her mother’s before she passed away. She loves the small, but not too small, feel of living in the Wilmington area and finds it’s a great change from years in the Maryland and Washington D.C. metropolitan area.

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