Carl Newman solves big legal problems for local governments.  After two and a half years representing the City of Chicago in state and federal appellate courts, Carl handled dozens of appeals – including cases briefed, argued, and settled – from the simple slip-and-fall, to the multi-million dollar tax dispute, to a variety of constitutional claims against municipal actions and ordinances.  Previously, Carl was a staff clerk on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit where he substantially assisted in drafting dispositions of over two dozen appellate civil cases.

Beyond his appellate experience, Carl spent two years in direct service legal aid roles – primarily representing domestic violence victims in Chicago and central Illinois.  He is an active member of the legal community, working on a number of bar association and bar foundation boards and charitable projects.

Carl began law school at Wake Forest University before transferring to the University of Chicago.  He and his wife are both attorneys and relocated to the Triangle to make North Carolina their home.

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