Charlie Raphun is a commercial and technology law attorney, with over 25 years of experience in the telecommunications industry.  He provides transactional services and pragmatic counsel to businesses and individual clients, and he is similarly skilled at developing and implementing compliance programs, processes for managing intellectual property portfolios, litigation, and risk management systems.

Recent technological changes in products and services and the increasing complexity of global regulatory compliance have driven a need for attorneys who can bridge the gap between legacy business models and the evolving legal risks, and Charlie strives to meet those needs.  He brings to the table a set of competencies that are essential to businesses today by integrating his practical experience in intellectual property law, privacy law, accounting, tax, international trade compliance, and regulatory law. He has successfully negotiated hundreds of transactions and settlement agreements, from the initial constructs of a business plan to the drafting and negotiation of license agreements, technology transfer agreements, acquisitions, divestitures, and other deals.   Charlie customizes commercial transactions and compliance services for his clients, first, by listening to them in order to understand their real interests and needs, and then by working closely to ensure that contracts, governance instruments, and other documents are understandable, comprehensive, and sustainable.

Over the course of his work in the telecommunications industry, he has developed an ability to quickly learn the unique needs of his clients and their products and find the balance needed to drive business success while also facilitating compliance with laws and regulations. When a client has a problem or a novel product, he will develop a roadmap for managing legal compliance and contracting with vendors, customers, and partners that will endure and that will promote the client’s needs and objectives.  In addition, he is registered to practice before the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, and he provides practical guidance and service to his clients in protecting their intellectual property rights and managing their IP portfolios.

Charlie is a former military attorney and officer, who served as the Staff Judge Advocate for the U.S. Army Reserve Legal Command.  In that capacity, he provided oversight and legal direction to hundreds of military attorneys across the country. This brings a skill set that combines resiliency, organizational leadership, and individual legal counsel that translates well to assist businesses with their needs.

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