Cranfill Sumner LLP attorneys Jennifer Morris Jones, Matt Covington, Jerri Simmons and David Rhoades represented the state of North Carolina during the Dec. 15 WCDI Multi-State Breakout at the WCI 2021 Conference.

The sessions entitled “Forget Donner And Let’s Get Blitzen!” included discussions of topics including employees’ injuries at home, impairment/intoxication defenses and the impact of marijuana legalization, PTSD claims, obtaining case closure, and current hot topics in workers’ compensation claims.

On Dec. 14, Jennifer also served as a moderator for the “Women Trail Blazers And Ceiling Breakers: Collaboration And Innovation For The Betterment Of Our Industry And All Served By It” panel discussion.

The WCI 2021 Conference was held Dec. 12-15 in Orlando, FL.