Susan Hofer and Mica Nguyen Worthy presented on “Preserving Evidence and Your Ethics in the Age of Snapchat” at the 55th Annual SMU Air Law Symposium on March 25, 2021. The program was hosted virtually this year by SMU and with almost 200 attendees.

In addition, Susan and Mica will also be published in the SMU Journal of Air Law and Commerce, on the same topic.

The presentation consisted of the framework for considering legal issues with preserving evidence in the age of disappearing messages, like Snapchats, as well as the evolving nature of technology and the use of electronically stored information in litigation. They also discussed the ethical considerations for attorneys in counseling clients on the effects of social media evidence on a case, and on the requirements for the preservation of evidence. Susan and Mica’s presentation was also unique in the use of the zoom polling and Q&A features, which allowed the audience to participate by expressing their opinions and sharing their own experiences with spoliation of evidence.

Susan and Mica are Partners based in the Charlotte office of Cranfill Sumner LLP (CSH Law). Susan serves as the Chair of the CSH Law Aviation Law Practice Group.