Eight attorneys from Cranfill Sumner & Hartzog LLP (Cranfill Sumner) participated in the North Carolina Bar Association’s 9th Annual 4ALL Statewide Service Day on Friday, March 4. The statewide event is sponsored by the North Carolina Bar Association Foundation and the North Carolina Bar Association (NCBA).

The Cranfill Sumner Wilmington office hosted the regional call center for the Wilmington Metro Area.

The Cranfill Sumner attorneys who participated statewide were:

From Cranfill Sumner Raleigh:

From Cranfill Sumner Charlotte:

From Cranfill Sumner Wilmington:

During the 4ALL Statewide Service Day, 532 attorneys in seven locations statewide answered more than 10,000 calls to provide legal information and referral resources to callers with North Carolina related matters.  To learn more, visit the 4ALL Statewide Service Day website.