Charlotte attorney Mica Nguyen Worthy was recently selected for the North Carolina Bar Association (NCBA) Leadership Academy Class of 2013. Mica was selected as one of 16 participants.

The NCBA Leadership Academy was first implemented in 2011 by the NCBA’s Young Lawyer Initiative Task Force in cooperation with the Center for Creative Leadership, a world-renowned leadership training organization headquartered in Greensboro. The mission of the program is to help young attorneys become effective leaders in their communities and their firms, as well as the organizations they are involved in. The Leadership Academy’s goals are for class members to increase their personal self-awareness, develop and refine leadership skills, improve their ability to influence others, and use the leadership skills they learn to “make a difference.”

In order to be eligible for selection, applicants must be a member of the NCBA and its Young Lawyers Division as well as been practicing law for between two and ten years. The Class of 2013 was selected from eligible applicants, taking into account their degree of interest and commitment to the program, aptitude for leadership, and the diversity of the class by geography, practice environments, experience, and personal backgrounds.

For more information about the NCBA Leadership Academy Class of 2013 visit here.