Class and collective actions are a unique species of civil litigation. They can be “bet the company” cases with high stakes and their own set of rules and requirements. When a company is entangled in a class action matter it not only faces monetary damages but also business disruptions and reputational harm. At Cranfill Sumner we realize that our clients depend on responsive and effective representation to help them get back to business as usual as quickly as possible.

What We Do

  • Class certification litigation
  • Merits assessment
  • Discovery of class representatives, certification, and merits issues
  • Court approval of settlement, administration and notice
  • Crisis management and strategic planning
  • Settlement negotiation
  • Appeals

Our Experience

Cranfill Sumner regularly defends class and collective actions in State and Federal courts in areas including wage and hour law, consumer claims, and alleged violations of various statutes and regulations. We are accustomed to investigating issues of the merits of actions, class certification and the appropriateness of class-wide relief. We also have experience in handling the special requirements of the settlement of class and collective actions.


In addition to handling employment-related issues as they pertain to class action lawsuits mentioned above – our firm is a member of various networks of legal service providers across the country, that we can work with to serve as local counsel as needed.

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