Cranfill Sumner brings a depth of experience, understanding, and resources to the unique and rapidly changing field of intellectual property. Our attorneys understand that in today’s fast-paced, innovation driven world, protecting your intellectual property is paramount to maintaining a successful business. If your intellectual property is threatened, or if you have been accused of infringing another’s IP, our team is ready to dive in and protect your valuable assets through competitive negotiations and aggressive litigation. Our attorneys bring a depth of experience, understanding, and resources from across a spectrum of industries that we put to work for you. We understand that your intellectual property is vital for your future profits and growth, and we offer a complete range of intellectual property services to meet your needs.

Experience Matters

Our attorneys have decades of experience offering a complete range of intellectual property services and offer full-service solutions for your intellectual property needs including procuring, enforcing, and defending intellectual property rights and developing strategies to manage and monetize IP portfolios for ensuring future growth. Our attorneys have served as in-house counsel to corporations and possess the skills and knowledge to assist your business in securing patents, trademarks, and copyrights, protecting trade secrets, and creating and protecting trade dress. Once you have protected your IP, our transactional services can assist you in monetizing your IP, whether through licensing, sale, or other. From initial filings to portfolio management, our attorneys provide clients with comprehensive support at every stage. Our attorneys provide strategic counseling and serve as trusted advisors to our clients, offering strategic guidance on the use of intellectual property to promote and grow your business. We work closely with clients to discuss the issues, answer any questions, and align legal strategies with business objectives. We seek to ensure that your intellectual property is a driver of your success.

Intellectual Property Litigation

In the event of disputes, our attorneys are experienced and well-versed in intellectual property litigation. With decades of combined experience, a proven track record in courtrooms across the country, and the willingness to aggressively engage, our team is ready to be a zealous advocate for your rights. Whether you are being sued or seeking to assert claims against another, we are ready to go to court and aggressively protect your interests.

Client Involvement and Collaborative Approach

At Cranfill Sumner, your success is our priority. We pride ourselves in going beyond simply providing legal services; we deliver strategic solutions that empower your business and protect your intellectual property assets. Whether you’re a startup, mid-size enterprise, or established corporation, our IP practice group is here to guide you through the complexities of intellectual property law with professionalism, dedication, and a commitment to your success. We believe that success requires a client-centric approach, ensuring clear communication, transparency in the legal processes, and a collaborative partnership with our clients. An informed client makes sound business decisions, thereby ensuring successful business endeavors. Cranfill Sumner attorneys appreciate that you want to understand the issues related to your intellectual property, and we continually strive to foster partnership with our clients as we provide exceptional representation. You can rest assured that our team will be relentless in pursuing your intellectual property goals.

Patent Litigation

Patent litigation continues to increase in the United States and usually involves issues that can make or break a company. With the increase in litigation, your business may be at risk. If you or your business is facing patent infringement allegations, our patent attorneys can counsel you on how best to respond to protect your rights, including potential alternatives to engaging in a full infringement litigation. Our team is experienced with defending patent infringement allegations, both in district court and by pursuing reexamination proceedings at the Patent Office. Our attorneys know that sometimes the best defense to infringement allegations is a good offense designed to invalidate the accuser’s patent. Conversely, if you own patent rights and need to protect or enforce those rights against another party, our attorneys can advise you on the best course of action to achieve your goals. Whether you are pursuing infringement allegations against a competitor, or defending your patent against a reexam, our team is ready to maximize your potential for success.


Your trademark is how potential customers distinguish you from the rest of the competition. Your company’s goodwill and brand recognition are some of your most valuable assets, but it takes effort to protect and maintain these assets. With first-chair trial experience litigating trademark issues, our attorneys can explain the advantages and disadvantages of pursuing or defending trademark infringement allegations in court. We also routinely counsel clients and help to protect their trademarks through objections and cancellation proceedings before the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board. Our attorneys provide guidance on how to best protect your brand when you make the decision to take your business abroad, and we counsel companies on strategies to avoid common pitfalls of trademark usage internationally. Working closely with our International Law department, we can assist you in protecting your valuable assets from potential infringers located abroad, and we can protect your brand from infringement by foreign companies seeking to import counterfeit goods into the United States.


Virtually every business has an online presence. The internet continues to change the way we do business and experience entertainment, and it has become a staple in the lives of virtually every person and entity doing business. From social media to company websites, your presence on the internet directly affects your bottom line, and protecting your online presence and brand is more important than ever.

Our attorneys assess and anticipate the online issues related to your business and can help you establish a digital presence, protect your existing space, and ensure that your goodwill and brand recognition is preserved. Additionally, our attorneys can help you protect your goods or services from unscrupulous infringers who try to hide using the anonymity of the internet. If a competitor or other bad actor is infringing your intellectual property online, our team can assist you in shutting them down and preventing them from continuing to erode your valuable assets.


Guarding trade secrets has long been an important part of IP protection, and our lawyers have counseled numerous clients on implementing and maintaining strong trade secret protection programs. We have experience working in-house and understand the concerns and needs of businesses to robustly protect their trade secrets while maximizing their commercial value. We can assist you in protecting the trade secrets that you rely on for the success of your business. Our attorneys are well versed in obtaining preliminary injunctions and other remedies to protect your valuable assets from infringement or theft. Once a trade secret is learned, its value diminishes, so protecting the secrecy of your valuable information is extremely important. Our team can assist you with devising strategies and procedures that ensure your trade secrets remain secret and their commercial value remains intact.


Safe advertising and marketing practices can generate buzz and give voice to your brand. However, unfair advertising practices can doom product launches or, worse, companies. Our attorneys can help you pinpoint strategies that will protect your company’s reputation and promote your brand strategically.

Additionally, our attorneys can guide you and help protect your business from unfair actions by your competitors or other third-parties that set out to unfairly compete. We are well versed in both pursuing and defending actions under the Lanham Act and can assist you with issues related to advertising injuries and unfair competition caused by competitors.


Cranfill Sumner attorneys have represented and counseled a broad range of prominent individuals and companies in rights of publicity and privacy matters, including litigating, negotiating, and drafting agreements pertaining to these rights.

Our approach combines the significant experience of our Business Law, Business Disputes and Litigation, and International Business Law teams with our intellectual property group to provide effective services in business counseling, business transactions, and strategic planning for individuals and businesses of all size. We help you understand the interplay between your IP assets and your commercial success. Often a businesses’ intellectual property is its lifeblood, so protecting those valuable assets is crucial.

If disputes arise, whether you are on the receiving end of an accusation of infringement, or whether you are seeking to shut down an infringer, we deliver swift and knowledgeable response strategies, first-tier litigation, and results to our clients.


The Intellectual Property Practice Group represents clients in intellectual property matters nationwide from its offices in RaleighCharlotte, and Wilmington. Our attorneys also represent clients in international disputes and state matters involving intellectual property in North and South Carolina. Contact us today to see how we can assist you in obtaining and protecting your valuable intellectual property.