What is the best defense to an employment discrimination claim?

If the employer can provide a legitimate, non-discriminatory reason for taking an adverse employment action and the employee cannot show that the proffered reason is false, the employer will likely prevail in the lawsuit.  This is why documentation of the employer’s legitimate business reasons for its actions is necessary.  If there is a legitimate, non-discrimination reason for the action, that reason should be documented and communicated clearly to the employee.  Failure to do so leaves the employee to their imagination, and human nature lends itself to that employee attributing the action to external factors (like discrimination) rather than internal factors (like poor performance). It may also be challenging to convince a court that the employee was a poor performer when, upon termination, the employee was told it resulted from a “reduction in force” or “position elimination.”  When taking any employment action, it’s best to be transparent, honest, and consistent. 

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