Each May 22nd we recognize the maritime industry by celebrating National Maritime Day.  Congress selected May 22nd because it was on that date in 1819 that the American vessel SAVANNAH set sail for England on the first ever successful transoceanic voyage with steam propulsion.

200+ years later, lives and property continue to be put at risk (and pleasure!) for a timeless alluring interest – the sea and all of its treasures. 

Our team at Cranfill Sumner regularly works with industries that are immersed in and rely on maritime trade.  We represent businesses that rely on domestic and international trade, individuals who work on and about the water, and insurers that entertain the risks of it all.  The international law of the sea, maritime and admiralty law, and local North Carolina laws concerning the industry and casualties attendant to the discipline are unique.  We take the time to understand and appreciate the distinctions and nuances that are as special to the law as the sea and waterfront are to our hearts and minds.    

Whether for trade, travel, or defense, the Admiralty & Maritime Law team at Cranfill Sumner gives thanks and appreciation to the men, women, and organizations who dedicate themselves to maritime services, the sea, and making each clean, safe, and productive.