How does an employer’s job application help protect the employer from lawsuits?

An employer’s job application can be used as a basis for a defense of suits if the job application includes the following:

  1. An Equal Employment Opportunity Statement to affirm from the outset that you are an equal opportunity employer and will not discriminate.  The EEOC is always looking for this and will be skeptical of anyone who fails to include it.
  2. A statement that the position will be considered terminable by either party at any time for any reason (at-will employment).
  3. A statement that certifies the responses in the application provide complete and truthful information and states that any false information is grounds for not hiring or for immediate termination.  Lying is always a reasonable, non-discriminatory reason to base a decision to fire or not to hire once the lie has been discovered. 
  4. Make it clear that the application is for a specific opening and will not be retained for consideration for other positions.

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