The NTSB has upgraded its search query tool for reports and recommendations. The new CAROL system (Case Analysis and Reporting OnLine) is a sweet “nod” to former NTSB analyst Carol Floyd, who retired in 2017. The link to the new database search tool with keyword search option is here:

We recommend using the “basic search” features to find monthly reports. Search for “Investigations” and it will allow you to enter the dates you would like to search (after 2010); For prior reports, the NTSB website is still required. The reports can also be searched by location and other keywords.

Where docket information is available, the NTSB has provided a link; If a Preliminary Report or Factual Report is available, there is a PDF icon to click on. The + icon on the right also allows a quick view of additional information about the item, such as the type of aircraft involved.

The guide to using the query search tools is here: It appears to be a more robust option for our search of the reports, including searching for keywords in the narratives and recommendations, which may prove quite useful in aviation accident cases.