Dan Hartzog, Jr. obtained summary judgment in a case involving two former sanitation workers for the a Town. The case received significant local media attention, and the workers were nicknamed the “Sanitation 2” in the press.

The Town had received complaints from residents about their rude and aggressive behavior along their route.  Following an investigation, their employment was terminated.  The plaintiffs filed a grievance, which was denied.

Plaintiffs filed a lawsuit alleging claims of wrongful discharge and violations of the North Carolina Constitution, including equal protection, due process, and free speech. Plaintiffs claimed their terminations were due to their race, and in retaliation for engaging in union activity.

In 2012, all claims against defendant were dismissed on a motion for judgment on the pleadings. In 2013, the N.C. Court of Appeals reversed, and the case returned to Superior Court for further proceedings.  Following discovery, defendants moved for summary judgment, which was granted.

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