John Ong and a former Cranfill Sumner attorney obtained a jury verdict in favor of the defense. Plaintiff alleged that a Table Saw manufactured and distributed by the Defendants was negligently designed in that its blade guarding system was not of the modular type that became common after the saw was manufactured and because it did not include flesh detection technology.  The Plaintiff suffered a severe laceration resulting in the loss of use of three fingers when the table saw fell while he was making a cut.  The Defendants contended that the saw was appropriately designed and was in conformance with all applicable safety standards.  After evaluating the evidence, the testimony from a number of expert witnesses, and closing arguments in which Plaintiff’s counsel asked for $750,000 or more, the jury found no negligence and returned a verdict in favor of both Defendants.  Because they found no negligence, the jury did reach the issue of contributory negligence, which defendants also argued barred plaintiff’s claims.

The outcome of a particular case cannot be predicated upon a lawyer's or law firm's past results.