GEORGE AUTRY (Raleigh), STEPHANIE AUTRY (Raleigh), and BRADY WELLS (Raleigh)   The new Clayton bypass took 11.5 acres of farmland from Donald and Edna Williamson. The Department of Transportation’s initial offer was $420,000. When that offer was declined the DOT condemned the land and filed suit. After the land was condemned the DOT appraised the land at $957,700. Trial began Monday, February 26, 2007 in Smithfield. The jury returned a verdict in favor of the Williamsons on Friday of the same week after only 30 minutes of deliberation in the amount of $2,377,681. The jury awarded every penny the Williamsons had asked for. Interest of over $300,000 has been added to the judgment. (DOT v. Williamson, Smithfield, NC)

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