When insurance proceeds were diverted from the proper recipient, the deceased’s widow, CSH attorney Smyth uncovered deceptions and forgeries to return the money to the widow as rightful recipient.


A recently widowed woman discovered that the proceeds from her husband’s life insurance policy had been improperly paid to a business instead of to her. When she came to CSH attorney Ted Smyth for help, she told him about forged signatures, a family squabble, and purposeful deceptions to keep her from receiving the benefits she should have.

Although her story was complicated and bizarre, Mr. Smyth took her at her word and began investigating. He obtained handwriting samples by her deceased husband, sought out additional documentation about the life insurance at issue, and hired a handwriting expert to examine everything.

After gathering all the evidence, Mr. Smyth was able to confront the individuals who had deprived his client of her rightful benefits, recover the full amount she was owed, and a significant additional sum for her trouble.


By having faith in his client and conducting a thorough investigation, CSH attorney Smyth was able to recover a widow’s rightful insurance proceeds.

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The outcome of a particular case cannot be predicated upon a lawyer's or law firm's past results.