Through proactive motions work, CSH attorney Mincey was able to have all charges against his client dismissed.


The home of a man and his mother was broken into while they were at church; later, when the man was home alone, he heard noises that sounded as if there were more burglars trying to get in the back door. He took his gun and fired a shot through his bedroom wall toward the back door. The bullet went through the wall, ricocheted through another, hit a television set, and finally hit the man’s mother, who was in her bathroom. She later died, and the man was charged with manslaughter.

CSH defense attorney Patrick Mincey defended the man at his trial. After the State presented its evidence, he asked the judge to dismiss the case, arguing that the evidence did not support the State’s allegation that the man acted recklessly. The judge agreed and dismissed the case.


By advocating passionately for his client, CSH attorney Mincey convinced the judge that his client had not acted recklessly and got all the charges against him dropped.


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