AMY PFEIFFER (Raleigh) won a case at the Deputy Commissioner level in which Plaintiff had an admittedly compensable cervical spine injury for which she has received ongoing medical and indemnity compensation since 1992. In the interim, Plaintiff has developed low back pain and has had several dizzy spells, both of which she attributed as being directly related to the cervical spine injury. Plaintiff argued in front of Deputy Commissioner Houser that she was entitled to medical treatment for these issues, including a brain scan and an echocardiogram. Plaintiff also sought attendant care for help around her house, and wanted her employer to fund a life care plan, despite one never having been ordered or even recommended by a treating physician. Deputy Commissioner Houser denied all of Plaintiff’s claims as not being related to the initial compensable injury.

The outcome of a particular case cannot be predicated upon a lawyer's or law firm's past results.